SPONSORED Millions of Americans suffer from age-related cognitive decline, but a powerful clinical trial using a new brain wellness supplement holds promise for people fighting with cognitive impairment.

Safe Brain Health Supplement: You have likely noticed that as you have gotten old, your memory is not what it was. You may end up forgetting where you put your keys, or fighting to recall somebody’s name or complete your own crossword puzzle. Even though this might look like a part of aging, it does not indicate that it needs to be ignored.

The Issue of cognitive impairment

For many individuals, certain facets of cognition begin to decrease within their mid-to-late 30s. This decrease is a result of many different factors, including the depletion of specific brain nutrients, which contributes to a loss of relations between brain cells, known as neurons. For many, this cognitive decline starts to accelerate later in life also may be an early indication of dementia. According to current estimates, as many as 16 million Americans are now living with some kind of age-related cognitive impairment. This amount is growing quickly, owing in part to the aging baby boomer generation in addition to new medical advances which are helping people live more.

Regrettably, there’s absolutely no cure for cognitive impairment, which is characterized by issues recalling, learning new things, concentrating or making decisions. Medicines are available to help enhance memory or attention. But these drugs do not work for everybody, have undesirable side effects, and might just impede cognitive decline temporarily. Additionally, there are supplements that promise to reverse memory loss and enhance focus. Regrettably, nearly all those claims have not been substantiated by human clinical trials, and are frequently based on not a lot of animal research. Most supplement companies which claim to have tested their products in human clinical trials have not published their results from peer reviewed medical journals, probably because their data weren’t persuasive to impartial expert scientists and physicians.

A brand new & Safe brain health supplement Provides new optimism

Now, a new & safe brain nutritional supplement is offering a ray of hope for the countless individuals afflicted by cerebral cognitive decline. The supplement is known as L-TAMS (sold under the title ClariMem), also is a nutrient complex that was developed by twenty decades of research by groups of scientists at MIT, Tsinghua University and Stanford University, amongst others. Those scientists have been analyzing ways to increase connections between brain cells to increase memory and learning when they found that L-TAMS is a vital factor controlling the amount of those connections.

L-TAMS can replenish essential brain nutrients which decrease as we get older, the reduction of which is connected to the decrease in neuronal connections and enhanced cognitive impairment. Several research in laboratory animals demonstrated that L-TAMS could enter the mind to reconstruct and fortify cognitive connections, and enhance memory and learning. However, the next step was to demonstrate that L-TAMS also functions in people.

Remarkable clinical trial outcomes about Safe Brain Health Supplement

The remarkable consequences of L-TAMS in lab animals were confirmed in a golden standard clinical trial of elderly adults with cognitive impairment. The outcomes of the double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial have been published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, a revered peer-reviewed clinical journal. From the study, ClariMem (known by the clinical trials MMFS-01 from the analysis ) substantially improved general cognitive performance in contrast to the placebo after only 12 months of twice-daily use. Surprisingly, the information also indicated that ClariMem improved brain age by 9 decades, normally.

Almost as essential as its effectiveness is the simple fact that the supplement is secure. From the clinical trial, there have been fewer unwanted side effects in areas requiring ClariMem than in subjects taking a placebo (inactive sugar pill). The FDA has acknowledged the protection of L-TAMS, clearing it to individual users. Actually, tens of thousands of individuals are carrying L-TAMS each year. Along with enhanced cognition, a number of these clients also have reported gains in sleep quality and disposition, which also deteriorate because manic connections are missing. Further clinical trials are now underway to examine these effects.

Source: Future of Personal Health

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